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Introducing the element of interaction on a learning platform

Faraday is an online platform that does not just make learning fun, easy, and accessible, but also creates a community and a space for university students to interact, ask questions and socialize on a whole new level. It is a web app designed specifically to reach out and connect students who find it difficult to consistently attend lectures and keep up with the daily pressure and burdens which has become a new normal in our tertiary institutions. This brilliant innovative idea was initialized by a team of closely knitted individuals who are currently students in one of Nigeria’s prestigious institutions as such they are perfectly able to understand the plight of Nigerian students since they are one themselves and have gone through and still going through the arduous situations and herculean tasks commonly associated with our universities. This idea was put into fruition with the aim to make learning a thing of joy and something that should be looked forward to with relish for those who are in the same situation and those future applicants who will be coming after us.

We don’t just aim to help university student make A’s with ease but we also want to build a community where students can connect and socialize with each other on matters concerning academic and non academic issues. As a student, imagine logging in to a virtual platform where you can relate and communicate issues with other students who will really get you and provide you with advise and possibly solutions; sounds cool right? We intend to make this a reality. We hope you join us to make this come true as we can’t do it without your support.

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