Why Faraday?

Majority of students in Nnamdi Azikiwe University might quickly associate the name ‘Faraday’ with the popular tutorials going on in the campus – but we are completely different from such entities even though our interest may align. You can think of us as an improvement to campus tutorials and that will still be an understatement. We hope to provide learning in a neutral environment where students can feel comfortable and easily comprehend what they’re being taught as opposed to the tutorial classes which usually holds at the end of the school day typically around 5pm to 6pm when students are already worn out and their cognitive ability greatly attenuated making learning inefficient and at times burdensome.

With our online platform, we will be able to reach students at any time and anywhere they feel most comfortable depending on their schedule. One individual might decide to log in into the platform at night if he might feel that he will comprehend better at that time. Another might login during the day time – whenever students feel it best to learn, we will always be available to provide education at their fingertips.

What solution is Faraday proposing?

Faraday is all about making learning something that students should yearn about and crave. The goal here is to bring students from different faculties and departments together in one big community. We intend to mix education with sociability and give students the chance to learn, connect and succeed.

Several courses will be made easily accessible to students to make it easy to learn at their own pace and indepthly comprehend subjects and topics. This courses will include quizzes and simulation exams in order to make sure that you really understand what you’ve learnt on the platform. This courses will be regularly updated so as not to distribute stale materials and out of date information.

Join us as we explore and take advantage of our resources and bridge that gap! Learn, connect, succeed!

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